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Hey there, I'm Justin, a Finance professional turned Full Stack Web Developer. I enjoy building meaningful solutions to life's complexities using technology. Web Development gives me an avenue to express my ideas and make a difference.


Here are some of my personal projects:

Listtr logo

Listtr - Guest List Management Web Application

Listtr is a desktop, guest list management web application that allows information to be relayed between host and guests. Hosts can send email invitations to guests and using a central dashboard, track RSVP statuses. Hosts can also send reminders to guests who have not RSVPed. During the event, hosts can give multiple administrators 'collaborator' status to carry out real-time live registrations. A version 2.0 of listt.


Built using React.js, Redux, Socket.io, Sendgrid, Node.js, express, mongoose, Mlab.

Deployed on Amazon Web Services.

Github Live

Squirrel logo

Squirrel - Geo-location based chat Web Application

Squirrel is a geo-location based, anonymous chat that connects users within the same area. Users can share their recommendations on activities, deals and the latest happenings in the area. User anonymity was put in to encourage interaction and participation of users.


Built using React.js, Redux, Socket.io, Node.js, express, mongoose, MongoDB.

Deployed on Amazon Web Services.

Github Live

Homebound logo

Homebound - JavaScript Game

You are the captain of RSS Voyager, an expeditionary spaceship returning with valuable exploration data. With dwindling fuel and oxygen, you must risk taking the shortest path to Earth - through an asteroid field. Bring your crew and the precious exploration data home safely, even if that means crashlanding!


Built using Vanilla JavaScript.

Deployed on Github pages.

Github Live

Listt logo

listt - Event Management Web Application

listt allows users to create, read, update and delete events. This was the first node.js web application built during the WDI course.


Built using Pug, LESS, JavaScript, Node.js, express, mongoose, MongoDB.

Deployed on Heroku.

Github Live


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